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Eyeballs Drum Wraps

If you are looking to give your drums a new look, why not go for our one of our many eyeball drum wraps. With a range of unique designs, our eyeball drum shell wraps will elevate your drum's looks and give them a one-of-kind exciting look. We have a variety of eye-catching eyeball designs that will get you noticed. We care about the quality of the product we sell so every effort goes into ensuring you get the highest quality drum wrap.

We manufacture our wraps to exceed the industry's highest quality standards, ensuring they have exceptional durability. You can rest assured your drums will be protected for a long time while looking good. Our digitally-printed drum set wraps are printed using UV-resistant ink, which will keep your wrap looking in top shape. The drums will not become an incomprehensible eyesore of faded eyes.

We've also taken steps to ensure the installation of the skins is easy and straightforward. Our heavy hi-lustre laminated design eliminates the chances of bubbles forming inside the wrap as you cover your drums. Following an easy 8-step DIY process found on our rocking website, you can easily wrap your drums yourself. Our wraps will fit a wide variety of drum makes and models. You can put them on all the major brands, including Yamaha, DW, Pearl, Sonor, Tama, Premier, and many others. Raise some eyebrows with a set of Rockskins eyeball drum wraps!