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Rockskins Guitar Skins and Guitar Wraps

Tired of the stock look of your guitar? Rockskins is now proud to announce our new division for guitar players around the globe.  We have now made graphics available for your favourite axe.  Whether your guitar has old faded paint and needs a new facelift or your want to make it look vintage as a complete customized design that turns heads on and off the stage.  Maybe your band logo or your own design and imagery. Now's the time to customize the appearance of your guitar with one our guitar skins

Rockskins has an extensive collection of over 650 different graphics for you to choose and will be constantly updating you with new additions to our extensive fleet of choices.  Don’t see the skin you're looking for?  No problem, simply email us your own artwork or hit up our in-house Rockskins guitar skin design team and we will give you that one of custom design for your guitar. 

Rockskins skins for guitars are built and shipped to you for a DIY installation with ease. 

All of our skins are printed on a vinyl technology that has been proven in the marketplace as reliable and durable. Printed with hi-resolution printers, UV inks with no fading from harmful exposures and finished with a hi lustre lamination and protection makes our wraps very strong and easy to install product. 

So what are you waiting for….Getcha Wrap On Today!

Why Choose Rockskins Guitar Wraps

All of our Rockskins guitar skins are manufactured with high-grade materials giving your durability and quality. Using UV fade-resistant inks paired with our RGW-Q02 (Rockskins Guitar Wrap Quick Air) technology you are sure to have your DIY installation run smoothly every time.

Your wrap applies with ease and wrinkle/bubble free giving you a professional, hi-end lustre laminate finish that is durable. Rockskins guitar skins can be removed with ease without damaging your original stock painted surface, which allows you to change the appearance of your axe at any given time.

How to Order Your Rockskins Guitar Skin

Simply go to the site, go to our guitar wraps section, select the appropriate axe skin of your choice or upload your supplied image to our custom section, choose 1 of the 3 different sizes supplied and proceed to checkout. If you have any questions or any trouble ordering your axe wrap, please send us an email to:

Custom Guitar Graphics

Don't see what you're looking for from our large library of wraps, no worries, we gotcha covered! Rockskins has in-house designers on board and is here for you. Feel free to hit us up for a custom design or supply us with your own graphic that you may want, a custom photograph or a band logo to create something amazing. This is the best option to customize your skin.

We are up for anything and will print and build to suit your style.

Installing Your Rockskins Guitar Wrap to Your Guitar Body

Installing Your Rockskins Guitar Wrap to Your Guitar Body

Once you have received your custom wrap from Rockskins you are ready for the next step.

Our RGW-02 (Rockskins Guitar Wrap - Air) vinyl applies dry to your guitar and needs no soap and water, making your application a smooth wrinkle/bubble-free installation.

  1. Place your guitar body on a soft sturdy surface with a towel or blanket underneath.

  2. Carefully remove your strings and hardware from the guitar.

  3. Clean the surface you will be applying your wrap to with an alcohol-based cleaner before applying the skin.

  4. Position your wrap over your guitar and gently remove the backing as you slowly apply the vinyl to the guitar.

  5. Using slow back-and-forth strokes, continue this process until the entire area is covered and bleeding off the edges.

  6. Run your finger around the perimeter of the guitar establishing a final edge, with your scalpel, carefully trim to the edge removing the excess vinyl.

  7. Again, run your finger around the perimeter to assure good adhesion.

  8. Wipe down the graphic with a clean, soft cloth and install your strings and hardware.


Tools Needed

  • Squeegee with a soft edge.

  • Standard Heat gun or hair dryer.

  • New sharp razor blade, we prefer to use a scalpel blade that works best for precision edge trimming.

Rockskins Guitar Wraps

The Rockskins axe wrap team has well over 30 years of experience in the graphics/print industry. Established as Rockskins, we first developed and set up for drummers to be able to change the look of their drums without changing the sound, bringing you high-end graphics and custom design builds to your drums is much more cost effective than painting.

Using the same DIY process, we have now launched our guitar skins division enabling you to change the look or upgrade your image on your favorite axe. Bringing you high-definition graphics printed with UV inks so they will not fade and finished with a hi-gloss vibrant finish rated 5-7 years outdoors to protect your graphic.

This material is very strong and will take you to that next level, giving you a true representation of who you are or your band.