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Drum Wrap Ideas

by Dave G

Drum Wrap Ideas

It’s time to kick it up a notch and personalize your drums with a unique set of drum wraps. Coming up with the best drum wrap ideas can be a difficult and time consuming since skill is important, style and attitude is everything else when it comes to being a drummer. Our extensive library has over 650 different options to choose from.

Whether you play heavy metal, rock, jazz, are in a local band, marching bands or death metal band there is a perfectly designed drum wrap for every musician to choose from or we can work with you and produce / design a one of custom kit. Send us your band logo or special graphic you would like to see on your kit and we’ll knock it out of the park!

Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

drum wrap ideas

Wood Drum Wraps

A wood wrap can give you an exquisite classic look. Our wood category has several different styles such as wood grain fades, gradients and more. Check out our wood drum wraps.

Checkered drum wraps


Another timeless look. These checkered wraps can give your kit a clean and crisp look. Visit our checkered drum wraps page to see more.

Psychedelic drum wraps


If you’re looking for a drum wrap idea that is a little out there then check out our psychedelic wraps. Warning these may trigger a flashback! See our psychedelic drum wraps.

Why settle for a dull, standard drum set when you can rock out on a fully customized drum set that speaks to your music, your personal style, and passion? A stylish drum kit will surely grab the attention of your audience as they admire the detail you put into your performances.

Rockskins has you and your drum kit covered, be it a single snare drum up to a fully loaded concert stage set! With pre-designed wraps and an in-house graphic design team, Rockskins produces the highest quality drum wraps on the market. With an easy to understand DIY instruction sheet, every drummer has the opportunity to customize his or her drums.

Whether you are going on a world tour, playing a one-night gig, or simply tired of the boring factory appearance, Rockskins promises to provide you with the look and style you want. For more drum wraps ideas visit